Pinpoint Display Marketing

Increase Your ROI by Display Marketing

  1. Appeals visually with the enhanced use of specific graphics that stand out.
  2. Ensures that your brand awareness is consistently applied and updated so your customers instantly recognize your company or organization.
  3. Helps increase your visibility.
  • ­Well written content attracts more audience.
  • ­Stunning social media designs.
  • ­Landing page design and integration.

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    Our SEO Process

    Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


    The best SEO strategies start with in-depth research. This step focuses on learning about your company, products or services, and industry. It also investigates the online tactics of your competitors, as well as audits your website.


    A quick review of the “R” in Research:

    • Analyze your competitors and their websites in-depth
    • Evaluate your server and your site
    • Audit your website for SEO, as well as mobile-friendliness

    With this step complete, your SEO agency can develop an SEO strategy and action plan.


    Throughout the Applife. process, your SEO company searches for valuable and relevant keywords. Keywords are the basis for your SEO strategy, which is why your agency audits you and your competitors’ websites. It’s also why they use advanced keyword research tools.


    A quick summary of the “K” in Keywords:

    • Analyze keyword strategy of competitors
    • Research relevant, high-value keywords for products or services
    • Develop a list of keywords to target across your website

    If WebFX is your SEO company, you also receive a few additional perks. For example, our dedicated account managers produce a keyword mapping report for your business. They also used advanced rank tracking to monitor your position in search results.


    Following a comprehensive assessment of your site, competitors, and company, your SEO agency begins optimizing your website for search. This step includes small- and large-scale updates to your website, such as by improving your site’s usability or revising your title tags on select webpages.


    A quick summary of the “O” in Optimize:

    • Setup Google Analytics account and goals
    • Improve website usability for users
    • Update website architecture and content organization for maximum usability
    • Optimize images, title tags, and meta descriptions for specific keywords and user intents
    • Create and revise Google My Business profile for search and users
    • Resolve duplicate content and other technical SEO errors

    Before making any of these changes, your SEO company will ask for your approval.


    Without content, search engines have nothing to rank. That’s why SEO agencies optimize not only existing content but also create new content. This content does more than target keywords relevant to your business — it also provides your target audience with helpful answers.


    A quick overview of the “C” in Content:

    • Improve existing content to ensure it answers user questions
    • Develop new content ideas that target valuable keywords and target audience members
    • Create optimized website copy, blog posts, infographics, guides, and more

    In some cases, your SEO agency may offer additional content services, like content marketing or copywriting, that can enhance the content side of your SEO strategy. WebFX, for instance, offers both, which can help your company create even more content for your website and audience.


    Unlike traditional marketing, SEO allows your business and SEO agency to adapt to changes fast. A smart SEO agency, like WebFX, takes advantage of this feature. We continually search for areas of improvement and provide recommendations for elements to test and make one percent better.


    A quick summary of the “T” in Testing:

    • Develop new and compelling CTAs that persuade your target audience to act
    • Analyze your audience’s conversion path and look for areas of improvement
    • Track your ROI to spot new opportunities for increasing your ROI

    Testing is another area that benefits from a full-service Internet marketing agency. With this kind of SEO company, your business can take advantage of the expertise of digital marketing specialists, web designers, professional copy editors, and more.